Eddie is mislead if you are Jessica try ecstatic, grateful one Eddie’s partner was Chinese

That have Emery’s graduation out of primary school nearby, Louis and you will Jessica intend to server an article-graduation all the-you-can-consume chicken food from the Cattleman’s, using their three sons permitted to promote a buddy.

Eddie goes toward college or university and you may observes Nicole and you may Alison talking and you will says to them that he’s permitted to promote a night out together so you’re able to food once Emery’s graduation. Alison try 1st into fulfilling Jessica until Eddie tells her one to Jessica perform probably become disappointed along with her as the she wished your to possess a good Chinese girlfriend. Eddie decides to receive Alison at the house in advance of graduation therefore, the a couple of lady you may finest familiar with; not, this new guest one happens try a beneficial Chinese girl named Audrey, which masquerades while the Alison. Eddie next phone calls Alison, whom apologizes and you can claims she panicked, and you can reassures Louis and you may Emery, who had met the real Alison ahead of, which they didn’t misremember hence new Chinese lady at the their property isn’t Alison.

Louis informs Jessica which he met Alison and that she actually is great and you will Eddie reaffirms which from the saying that Jessica will love the woman, to which Jessica responses because of the inquiring Eddie to-do the latest mathematics and check exactly how many some body she likes

The following day in school, Eddie speaks with Alison and she once more apologizes, in which he says to the lady that she will been more than tonight and however introduce the girl properly to Jessica. Eddie suggests that they all see Malcolm X, informing Alison you to Jessica is a significant fan out-of Denzel Washington which he had been rescuing the film to own as he did something really bad. not, as he will come home with Alison, the guy finds Audrey within home playing Mah-jong that have Jessica and Grandmother Huang, since Jessica got greet their. Jessica asks exactly who Alison was, and you will Eddie, panicking, says one to Alison was a female Lookout that is offering cookies. Then he lets the toilet liquid manage and flees from restroom screen so you can see Alison’s household, apologizing to have his impulse before heading family, advising Alison which they do be rooted in case the drinking water bill was too much.

Eddie states he’d receive their partner, Alison, that is undertaking on Emery’s graduation, shocking Jessica as she had no suggestion Eddie got a spouse

At the Emery’s graduation, Eddie is near to Jessica and you may observe because Jessica attempts to call-out so you can “Alison”, though Audrey will not react. Shortly after Emery provides a demonstration and you will praises Jessica getting in search of what is actually perfect for her sons and you can Eddie to have usually getting truthful and you will speaking his head, each other Eddie and you can Jessica build good confession together, Eddie declaring your Chinese girl she knows become Alison is not their partner and Jessica saying you to she does not for example “Alison”. Eddie teaches you precisely what the genuine Alison performed and you may Jessica says you to definitely the genuine Audrey is simply too primary, likening the lady to help you tofu, sopping everything up and have now zero style regarding her own, and you will says to Eddie he is worth a wife who’s good identification like him. Jessica upcoming requires which woman is the actual Alison, and you will Eddie points the girl out, and you will Jessica is content when she notices one Alison ‘s the basic settee having piccolo.

From the aftermath of one’s graduation, your datingranking.net/nl/babel-overzicht/ family and additionally Alison go to Cattleman’s, where Jessica are happy by the Alison, particularly when Alison shows you one to she actually is great from the piccolo on account of constant habit and therefore she had decided to know the fresh piccolo considering the various unclaimed piccolo scholarships and grants. Eddie tries to waste time that have Alison, no matter if Jessica says to your are a gentlemen as well as have him or her a lot more chicken and he complies. The brand new Huang nearest and dearest together with Alison later on see Malcolm X from the Huang home, whilst the three Huang sons flee when Jessica raises this new water supply bill. [36]

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