Tax compliance & advisory

Tax compliance & advisory

Navigating the complexities of tax regulations and obligations can be a daunting task for individuals and businesses alike.  We offer a comprehensive range of tax services designed to ease your tax burden, minimize tax liabilities, and ensure compliance with ever-changing tax laws. 

IMPORTANT: businesses are required to submit monthly tax return and annual tax on income even though there are ZERO business transactions. 

Monthly tax compliance

In Cambodia, businesses are required to file monthly tax return to General Department of Taxation. The deadline is either 25th or 20th of the following month depending on if you submit return online through e-filing or submitting paper returns at the tax branch. The main types of monthly taxes are as the following:
  • Prepayment of tax on income (1%)
  • Value added tax (10%)
  • Withholding tax (4%-15%)
  • Tax on salary incuding fringe benefits (0%-20%)

    Businesses need to file other monthly taxes include specific tax, public lighting tax, and accomodation taxes, depending on their industries.
  • Annual tax compliance

    In addition to monthly tax obligations, businesses are obligated to submit the following annual taxes:
  • Tax on income (0-20%)
  • Patent tax ($100-$1,250)
  • Tax on advertising signs (fixed amount depending on the size of the advertising signs)

    Annual tax on income deadline is 31 March the following year, while the deadline for patent tax and tax on advertising signs is 01 Jan - 31 Mar current year.
  • Tax audit

    If you are facing a tax audit, we can serve as your trusted representative to liaise with tax authorities, handle documentation requests, and negotiate on your behalf to resolve audit issues swiftly and effectively to minimize penalties.

    Proper record-keeping is essential for a successful audit.

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