Audit and assurance

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Audit and assurance

Our team of experienced professionals are commited to apply our understanding of your business and the strength of your accounting and control systems to ensure that the audit covers the key risk areas.

We use the latest audit tools and procedures to deliver robust and efficient audits in compliance with the highest professional standards of technical excellence, independence, and ethics. 

Statutory Audit

What are the requirements to submit financial statements for independent audit in Cambodia?

Enterprises whose accounting period ends on 31 December must submit their annual financial statements and an independent audit report via ACAR E-Filing system by 15 July the following year. However, if the enterprises file a late submission, they should submit a written request with justifiable reasons to extend the deadline to ACAR to avoid associated penalties. 

Public Enterprise

an enterprise that is under the valid Law of the General Articles of Association of Public Enterprises.

Public Accountable Entities

an enterprise that has debt or equity instruments that are traded in a public market or an enterprise taht hold assets in a fiduciary matter for the public such as banks, insurance companies, etc.

Qualified Investment Projects

an enterprise that have received certification and registration from the Council for Development of Cambodia ("CDC").


Enterprises that meet 2/3 of the three criteria:
have over 100 employees
annual turnover KHR 4 billion (approximately $1 million)
assets KHR 3 billion (approximately $750,000)

What are the penalties for late submission of audited financial statements to ACAR?

Accounting standards

Failure to prepare financial statements in accordance with accounting standards
($1,600 - $2,500)

Accounting for tax compliance

Failure to use financial statements for tax compliance
($1,200 - $2,500)

Accounting records

Failure to maintain proper accounting records and documents
($1,600 - $2,500)

Report submission

Failure to submit and late submission of financial statements to ACAR
($300 - $500)

Statutory Audit

Failure to have financial statements subjected to independent audit ($400 - $5,000)

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